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We have a large catalog of cheap wedding fans on our website so that you can check the purchase price online with your personalization. Our personalized wedding fans are made of wood, plastic, fabric and natural cork . In addition, in this collection of personalized wedding fans, you also have paipáis. Personalize these elegant fans for your wedding however you want, making a sensational gift… especially for summers. In addition to the wood tone, we have a whole range of colors in this collection of wedding fans to personalize : white fans for weddings, as well as pink, green, blue, yellow, grey, black, red... and choose the tone that suits you best. go with you These personalized Garrampa wedding fans are a super useful gift, both for the ceremony and for the banquet or the subsequent party.

Sale of printed bamboo fans for weddings

In this Garrampa online catalog of cheap wedding fans, you will find a whole selection of printed bamboo fans with which to surprise wedding guests. Without a doubt, these wooden fans for weddings are going to be the great ally against the heat. Give these wedding fans to your guests, it will be a success! And it is that at Garrampa we know that cheap wedding fans are the most useful and cheap gifts with which to surprise your loved ones. The ideal complement to surprise your guests and make your day a perfect day. Make these fans the best details for your wedding. The cheap fans to give away at your wedding can be personalized with a design or a phrase, in relation to the marriage itself. To do this, at Garrampa we use different printing techniques such as screen printing or embroidery ; Screen printing is one of the most common printing methods due to its quality and price. It should be noted that if you are looking for a perfect and

Wholesale original wooden fans at the best price

At Garrampa you will be able to order wholesale wedding fans from home and in the most comfortable way. None of your guests will be left without their personalized wedding fan. Take advantage of this opportunity and buy these cheap wedding fans in large quantities. We work with the main manufacturers of elegant fans for weddings, so that we are going to be able to offer you large quantities of items and at a very reasonable sale price. In fact, these cheap wedding fans are very cheap . Many cost a few cents and the most expensive are worth just over a euro. At Garrampa we make it super easy for you!